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Logo EMDEMD is the largest Eurocentre for high consumption products in Europe, an organisation of independent distributors grouping national organisations in 20 European countries with over 91,000 points of sale and 13 million square metres of sales area. 
The EMD group is the response to increasing industrial and commercial concentration forcing independent and autonomous agents operating in the market to group together.
 Euromadi has 17,5% of the share capital in the European Marketing Distribution gr
oup allowing it to reach agreements with transnational suppliers and to participate in transforming the markets both in terms of products and management. 
The EMD Centre also seeks and purchases products for its own brand throughout the entire world market. Also, belonging to EMD provides Euromadi suppliers with direct contact with distribution centres in the European Union, allowing them to open up internationally.
On a European level EMD offers the overall industry a potential of over 30 million square metres of sales area, managed by its associates to be used as effective and essential distribution channels.