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Own Brands

Desarrollo de Marcas is the company which manages the development own brand products (over 4,500 product lines) exclusively for associates in different areas of food, medicines, perfumes, cleaning products and pet food. Also, Desarrollo de Marcas starts development from defining the product, it parameters and quality control right up to the design, packaging, selection of manufacturers and supply. It has a professional team of specialists in the different categories of food products, drinks, medicines, perfumes and pet foods.
Desarrollo de Marcas has a logistics platform in Madrid which allows the grouping and delivery of the same order containing a large number of product items.
Three major lines of own brands are highlighted: Vivó,  Spar and Alteza Food (and its associated brands) Centra Line (perfumes and toiletries), Selex (perfumes and cleaning products), Tandy (pet products).
Marcas makes high consumption European brands available to its associates. Today these brands have been consolidated as products with an excellent quality/price ratio in the market such as Emdbraü beer, Emdfresh soft drinks, Power King energy drinks, Banderos Mexican food and Minel household cleaning products.
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