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Our organisation has a secret: its associates.
In actual fact, it is a well known secret. So well known, that the sum of each associate generates the force as a group.
That is Group Euromadi, the leading European multisector purchasing and services centre with a competitive edge. This stems from the power of the union, meeting its objectives, providing maximum benefit for its associates and offering them improved advantages and services for their business.
The aim of this website for our associates is to provide an overview of how we achieve this and how organise ourselves in the distribution market and in particular to allow companies and businessmen to get to know us better and to join us in this reality.
Why Euromadi? What benefits and added value do associates or suppliers get from belonging or working with our organisation?
Firstly, participation as a basis for growth, transparency and efficiency as a management model, complete quality as a continuous rule, technological innovation as a platform for progress, the capacity to negotiate from a competitive position, training as a guarantee of development, food safety as an operating requirement and finally respect for the environment to safeguard our future.
We must use knowledge, observation and anticipation on these ideological fundamentals in order to make the appropriate response to the continuous development of the market and to respond to new consumption trends from changes in consumer preferences or migration within society.
EuromadiPort started operations in September 2006 and its main aim is to offer its services to Portuguese distribution companies matching the specific requirements of the associates, suppliers and the market. Today EuromadiPort has 43 members and in 2010 reached a market share of 10% in the Portuguese market.
By working together today, we are seeking to face up to changes in the larger areas of consumption and distribution in order to reinforce our progress as a leading multisector purchasing and services group within Europe in order to meet the expectations of all our associates. In order to achieve this we invite you to become an active participant. Because we are all called to become actors.
                                                                       Jaime Rodriguez Bertiz
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer