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Club de perfumera

Euromadi uses this channel to operate in the perfume, hygiene and medicine sector with specialised business units.
Club de perfumería is located throughout Spain and represents 70% of the total of specialist companies.
Its associates located in every type of shop format within the organisation with the majority being in chains of shops or points of sale called PDM (Perfumería, Droguería Moderna - modern perfumes and chemists) representing 64.9% of sales value according to the consumer index report. In addition it has 140 platforms and Cash&Carries, with a total of 3,200 points of sale.
The Club exclusively handles its own brands Juliette Crowe and Perfumanía for its partners. This includes a wide ranging collection of additional items. In addition, it enters into commercial agreements with the most important suppliers and carries out market research for the sector, Top Market campaigns and direct marketing activities at the point of sale.


Javier Larrañaga